Monday, August 27, 2007

life update

Things have been busy these past few days, but in a quiet way. I am crashing at a friend's (and fellow blogger's) apartment for my last week here in Taipei, as my old contract ended on Friday. In the process of packing, I discovered that I couldn't find my (new!) watercolor sketchbook, nor my watch. The loss of the sketchbook is like a punch to the stomach, and I will have to ask around to see if I left it at one of my relatives' homes.

My ShiDa class also ended last Friday, and we watched Lee Ang's "Eat Drink, Man Woman" in celebration. That movie made me so hungry by the time class ended, food was all I could think about. So I stopped to get some takeout guotie and rushed home to eat it. My hands were shaking while I ate, which I found kind of an extreme response. I hadn't thought I would be that hungry.

I feel like I should have a lot of regrets now that the MTC summer is over-regrets about not getting more involved at the university and with its students, about not exploring the area more while I had lived nearby... But, honestly, I don't feel too badly. The recent typhoon and now oppressive heat have diminished my enthusiasm for taking longer walks outside. Call me a wimp, but this humidity is getting to be too much for me. Not to mention my heat rash is coming back.

Until a few weeks ago, I honestly could not wait to return to the states and, more specifically, my campus, unlike my other classmates who relish the Taiwanese lifestyle. And yet there is a part of me that wants to return once I graduate college and continue improving my Chinese. What a quandary. Now my relatives talk of my pursuing a Master's here and applying for dual nationality so I can work here as well.

For one who doesn't think too far ahead into the future of my own life, I am taking a lot into consideration. There is so much I want to do and see, but I also want to be successful, in ways that are meaningful to me, and I also want to find a companion for all of that. Maybe I already have.

Well, I am losing focus. When all else fails, I can still fall back on the wonderful addiction that is Desktop Tower Defense.


Andres said...

personally, i would rather live in the US (or Canada) than taiwan, but i can always move back there later in life. definitely give taiwan another shot. i think there are some good opportunities here, and it's just an unique and different experience. if anything, it's so much cheaper to visit and travel to other asian countries from here. if all fails, you can always go back to the US, but at least you can look back and say you gave taiwan a shot.

somimi said...

Yes, I think it is definitely worth giving Taiwan another shot. I don't plan on doing anything longterm in Taiwan though - there is too much I want to see and experience outside the island!