Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Foreigners blow...

What, exactly, is it that foreigners blow, I wonder.


Sigh, I know, I'm completely awful. But I pass this on my way to class every day, and it's always just begging me to take a picture of it. Literally. Begging.

I actually wish there was more interesting graffiti to photograph. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places...


Todd Alperovitz said...

"Go back to your country"

Don't worry, I plan to.

somimi said...

Heh. So do I, but I suppose I wasn't exactly their target audience.

Have you seen this on your way to ShiDa?

Maoman said...

Cue Richard Gere from "An Officer and a Gentleman":
"~sob~I got nowhere else to go!"

Todd Alperovitz said...

Of course, anyone who rides the MRT to Guting station to get to Shida will see this sign.. Since their target audience is foreigners that is probably their best location for such a sign.

It appeared shortly after a fight at a nearby club involving some Shida students and Taiwanese guys.