Saturday, June 16, 2007

Elephants? In Taiwan?

By a most fortuitous coincidence, I got to traverse the beginning of the Elephant Mountain trail (象山) with an uncle of mine. I had stayed overnight at another aunt's house after eating out with a good chunk of my very extensive family, to celebrate the arrival of some more relatives coming back from America. In the morning, my uncle invited me to go hiking with him and his buddies, something he likes to do on weekends. His buddies canceled on him due to the brief bout of rain that morning, and it looked like I would be hitting up the Mah-Jong table with my aunts that afternoon instead.

But, after some more discussion, we decided to go anyway, since the rain had stopped after lunch. So I got my hike, and a treasure trove of amateur-naturalist delights.


The alternative title to this post would have been "Snail Photo Shoot," given how many pictures I took of these critters

I love natural selection. Who wants to eat bird feces anyway?

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