Saturday, February 23, 2008

whoa and steady there

What's this? Another post, so soon? Well, I just had to tell the world about my newest love affair. That's right, my current obsession, discovered at an organic farm potluck last night. Here it is:

Those are the first 3 inches of what will be , to quote one of my friends, a sicknasty scarf. Knitting is fun, yo. Makes me fingers ache, though. Yeah early onset arthritis!

Also, among the few and scanty "accomplishment" in the creative arena...I've been fiddling around with my borrowed and amazingly suave tablet with the intent of making a digital painting Masterpiece.

Yeah...not so much. So far, I've managed to draw a few vaguely accurate human poses before the brain fuzz took over.

And finally, the last demented creation of the fermenting sludge that is my creativity, this little green dude who's name, I've decided, is Hob. I'm also currently attempting to create a 3D digital model based on Hob in my "free time."

Alright, alright, move on, nothing to look at here, folks.

update: png successfully converted to jpg!


Frostfox said...

I like the clay guy. FYI, .png is only good for drawings, not for photographs. Right now it is 236.47 KB, but if saved in .jpg it might be like 60kb and the same quality.

somimi said...

Whoa, hey stranger! Thanks for the heads up, I'll fix that soon!

Glad you like Hob. Hopefully his digital counterpart will be even sweeter.