Friday, February 22, 2008

the frenetic pace of things

Back in Taiwan, Mark has been slowly recounting the adventures of his first visit to New England (here, here, here, and here, and more to come, I'm sure). Meanwhile, I am slowly trying to get back into the pace of things in the aftermath of first Mark and then my best friend from home visiting, with their visits overlapping right in the middle of Winter Carnival. Considering that both of them, my closest and dearest of companions, were visiting me at the same time, I was surprisingly productive, at least as far as computer animation was concerned.

I have to admit, the knowledge of this being my last term at Dartmouth has made it somehow more difficult to work up the motivation to excel in my final classes. It just doesn't seem to matter that much anymore. And it really doesn't. Except, of course, that one of them is the final class for my Biology major, which I have become completely disenchanted with (the major, not the class).

What else? It seems like time has wrapped itself around me, confusing my senses. I feel like I'm both moving forward too quickly, and not at all. The future is at once certain and uncertain. The Dartmouth Bubble is weakening its hold on me, and what little I glimpse beyond its frail curtains is terrifyingly beautiful.

I can't wait.

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