Thursday, December 20, 2007


I've apparently been tagged to talk about my 7 top weirdest traits/facts by the Daily Bubble Tea's Todd. Hmm...

  1. I raised Madagascar hissing cockroaches when I was in 5th grade, a gift from my science teacher.

  2. I've lived with freshmen all 4 years of college, since I was in all-freshmen housing my first year, and I've been a freshman UGA (RA) the other 3 years.

  3. I have a constant inner dialogue going in my head that narrates what I'm doing/thinking at any point during the day.

  4. When I was in high school, I was convinced that my ideal life would be that of a hermit living in a log cabin in the mountains. Reading books like My Side of the Mountain helped cement that belief. I've recently realized that I would actually enjoy living a simpler life, and feel that I am too dependent on technology.

  5. When I am in places with randomly patterned tiles, like in bathrooms or hallways, I often mentally rearrange the tiles so that they make patterns, with my own rules for how the tiles can be moved and how other tiles can be moved with them, so that I can figure out the smallest number of "moves" to create a pattern I want.

  6. I get heartburn very easily and have managed to compile a mental list of things that are most prone to cause it. I ignore that list most of the time because it includes all of my favorite foods. The only one I've lightened up on is coffee.

  7. I obsess. For instance, I was obsessed with my favorite number, 7, as a child, noting everything with 7 that was related to me, such as my birthday which is on the 7th (as is my brother's, but on a different month). When I first was introduced to Ben Folds, one of my favorite musical artists, I got all of his songs and played them on repeat on my computer. Constantly.

Right. Well, I don't really want to tag anyone, though anyone who is inspired to do this on their own blog is, of course, welcome to.

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dk said...

Maybe David was right to pair us together that day in class, we're eerily similar: I was utterly obsessed with My Side of the Mountain in elementary school and dreamed of the day when I would run away to survive in the woods--the most I did was make my own willow whistle by following the book's directions. And I too always trip out to the wallpaper in my bathroom, or see a lioness in every crosshatched pattern.
Man. Let's do something.

Bicyclesidewalk said...

My Side of the Mountain - I haven't thought about that book in years...I too wanted to live like that fella...