Thursday, December 27, 2007


I have been really enjoying my vacation here in Taiwan, though I have been keeping mostly quiet about it. This isn't so much out of a desire for secrecy as the fact that what I have been doing doesn't make for much exciting blogging. Mark and I have been tearing through Babylon 5, which is an amazing sci-fi series I'd never even heard of before he introduced it to me. And when he is at work I amuse myself playing Warcraft 3 or other games.

The increasing amount of time I spend on computers is really disconcerting. It is an intense love-hate relationship I have with technology. I hate feeling tied to something mechanical, like computers, cars, and cell phones. In Taipei, it's easy not to have a car, but much more difficult to live without a cell phone. On campus, I rarely ever carry my cell phone anywhere (much to my friends and parents' chagrin), but I rely on my car and computer almost daily.

In any case, I got to go outside and play badminton with Mark and a friend of his for an hour or so this morning, and it was a great feeling, not to mention amazing weather. I really do need to get out and about. We keep talking about going hiking - I hope we get to go this weekend!

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