Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Spent the weekend on the lovely eastern coast of Taiwan, namely, Hualien City. My cousin set it all up, and there were 10 of us altogether. For most of Saturday, though, I wasn't with them as I was the only one who wanted to tour Taroko Gorge. The others went white-water rafting. So I ended up taking this tour with a bunch of other students from 台大, also doing the MTC program there, as well as some Singaporeans and Malaysians. Ended up having a great time. Taroko is very beautiful, and I wished we could have explored some of the less "touristy" trails.

Anyway, also walked a bit around the streets of Hualien later that night, and early the next morning as well, where I found some graffiti (yay!). Sunday was spent packing, and then dolphin watching (which they advertised as whale watching, which while technically correct is still a misnomer, dammit).

Stinky tofu, and no I didn't try it

Fun with sparklers and my camera's ISO speed

Taroko Gorge tour:

Graffiti along one 自由街, 花蓮

Fun with sparklers, part two

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Michael Turton said...

Somimi, your photos are so well composed. I especially like the one up there with the red bridge. I think it's time you bought that nice prosumer camera you've been eyeing...

Of course, you're always welcome to crash at our place should be exploring the Taichung area and all of two of its exciting attractions. Just give me a minute and I'll think of them....