Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Scribbles in ink

So, I've had this slight pressure on the back of my mind for a few days now to respond to meiguotaiwanren's blog post. There is something of a pact there, involving artwork and fighting lack of motivation. And I have been meaning both to draw/paint/[make] more art (I hate saying 'make' art, for some reason. I wish 'art' itself could be used as a verb. I arted yesterday. Hah...anyway, digression), and to get more of it digitized, but I had put it off because I don't have a scanner.

Then, yesterday, I had the kind of mind-funnelingly obvious realization that crashes down onto your head with the weight of a thousand "Duh!"s:

I have a digital camera.

So, without further ado:

This is from my sketchbook, and I've doodled on it on and off for a few weeks.

I have this weird inverse inspiration thing going on, where I can't help but draw in any kind of academic setting, but lose all creativity once I'm actually in an art studio...
Anyway, this is on the back of a handout I got in class. You can also see all of me lovely, er, notes.

I'm not sure out of what perverse depths of my mind this guy appeared, but he doesn't look too happy about it either. And he looks famished! This is from yesterday, on another handout from class.

These are all with various ballpoint pens that have somehow come into my possession...and I wonder why my pens always run out of ink when it comes time to take that 聽寫 test.


meiguotaiwanren said...

Wow. Well done!

If taking a class at Shi Da to learn Chinese is as fruitful in Chinese as it is in scribbles, perhaps I should sign up! The scribbles alone could be worth it however. I doubt I'd be able to extract those delicate shading effects with a ballpoint pen though.

I really like the realism combined with a certain abstraction and and exaggeration in your work. I'm going to be Oliver Twist-ish and ask for "more, please."

dk said...

oooh how delightfully macabre! keep them coming coming coming...makes me think, perhaps we can have a series of characters who interact via our respective blogs? like our first collabo animation pad, except in virtual space. whoa.

somimi said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!

meiguotaiwanren: Ballpoint pens are surprisingly sensitive. I used to hate them, now I can't stop using them! But this isn't really what we'd agreed on, anyway, right? I still haven't opened my art supplies box.

dk: why are you dk and not dkroo? And my ears perked at this collaboration idea. Oh, the potential there! Makes me wish for a tablet...I should have kept David's...he never would have noticed.