Wednesday, July 25, 2007

non-erstwhile adventures

I'm still working on a composite Thailand post that will be completed sometime, but that is taking a backburner in favor of my latest wandering adventures into the guts of Taipei. Today, I bring you a look at the burgeoning* graffiti culture here:

Tunks Chek: a name I have come to recognize throughout the unguarded walls of Taipei. I first saw his signature along a building near, I think, the 師大一 bus stop. Saw him a couple more times in this little cache of graffiti I went to.

Wall of Graffiti

The famous kitten gets a place on a pillar

The MRT passing above the Wall of Graffiti

Sweet giraffe. There was also great design to both sides, but I couldn't get it all in without losing the detail.

I had been meaning to stop here for weeks now, because I used to see it every day as I took the MRT to ShiDa, when I still lived with my relatives. I took the opportunity today, as I was heading up to the Formosa Fun Coast, had time to spare before the allotted meeting time there with my cousins, and it was on the way there.

Not that I wasn't a little wary of poking my nose around the underbelly of the MRT and Expressway, stepping around broken glass and discarded items in my flip flops, digital camera in hand, and I did get some strange looks, but nothing bad happened.

*Ok, I honestly have no idea if the graffiti culture is burgeoning or in full bloom. I guess I assumed, with the rigidity of social customs and traditions here, that graffiti artists are only just starting to appear. Perhaps I am mistaken. I'd love to hear from anyone with more information though!


Anonymous said...

I'd say it is your assumption about the "rigidity of social customs and traditions", that is mistaken. The customs are different, but not more rigid than anywhere else.

The "graffiti culture" has been around for ever.

somimi said...

Ah! Thank you for the correction. I had thought, besides the customs, the various occupations that Taiwan has gone through might have also limited the number of graffiti artists able to "perform their art," so to speak, but I guess not. Good to know!

Todd said...

What? No pictures of the monkey visible from the MRT?

somimi said...

Ah, you mean this guy?

Yeah, I didn't like the way the picture came out, so didn't include it in the post. There's lots more graffiti in the album too.