Friday, May 18, 2007

travelog: beginnings

Here I cutteth the ribbon to my travelog. Yay, it's official!Taipei’s Metro

A brief summary:

Today is my 8th day in Taiwan, land of my ancestors and more recent relatives. I am living with a family consisting of an aunt, uncle, and two cousins, their daughters. I currently sleep on a sofa-turned-mattress on the floor of a transformed office room. Rather comfy, to be sure. We are just a short walk from the Shi-Pai Metro stop (石牌捷運站), which is in turn a 30-minute ride from where I will be attending Chinese classes: National Taiwan Normal University (師範大學). But that doesn't start for another few weeks, so I still have some time to wreak havoc (hah!). And play mah-jong. With my aunts.

So far, so good.

Metro Handholds

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Todd Alperovitz said...

Hi, thanks for the link... will you be attending the 2 hour class or the intensive class? Also, what level are you starting at? Maybe I'll see you on campus.