Saturday, July 26, 2008

hi, bye

A very belated, non-blog-related update seems to be in order. I know it feels like I've abandoned ship here, but here's a last try at reviving it (besides the hours I spent prettifying it).

So here's a peek at the room:

Classy, I know. I love having a hardwood floor though. Makes sweeping up all the hair I shed from brushing that much easier.

And here's the cutest resident of our apartment, Charlie:

Who at the time of the picture could fit on my flip flop. She's outgrown it now and is getting a bit of a potbelly. But still completely adorable, and she definitely livens the place up with her antics.

So...not much else to say. I work, I play, I hang out with a certain guy a little more frequently than with my housemates. It's an exciting time, and I'm coming to really love this little "right-outside-Boston" city with its smorgasbord of ethnic treats. Not a 5 minutes' walk out of my apartment and there are Ethiopian, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Korean, Mexican, and Italian eateries to be found, among the more familiar fast food joints and classic American restaurants. And it's all so cheap! I'm really going to miss those $4 burritos when I go back to campus...

fo' sho'

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