Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hairy issues on my mind

I dreamt last night that I flew into a teenage-rebellious rage and took scissors to my hair. Except I couldn't find a pair sharp enough to cut through my thick hair, and I opened drawer after drawer, testing out each pair I found and getting more incensed as each proved as effective as trying to gnaw my hair short. Finally, I find scissors that snip through hair cleanly and begin cutting away, handful by handful.

As I am losing all of that pesky hair, it begins to dawn on me what I'm doing, and I suddenly panic at my impulsive decision. I think I might've started crying, or screaming, or something, at that point. But I'm pretty sure I continued snipping away. After all, now that I'd started, I couldn't very well stop.

And after that the scene slipped away into some other, more forgettable dreamscape, and I'm surprised I even remember that particular segment. I guess I have had haircuts on my mind a lot recently. To trim, to cut, or to shave? Decisions, decisions, decisions. A part of me wants to hack off all my hair, which currently reaches the small of my back. I could then donate it to Locks of Love, for instance.

And a part of me has gotten too attached to the river of hair to consider more than a neat trim to get rid of split ends.

I don't know, though...a change could do me good. And I've wanted to shave my head for awhile. I wonder what I would look like with a buzzcut? Or maybe I could go for a pixie look...

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dk said...

you could be THAT studio art intern.

i think it'd be a hit with the ladies. ;)