Tuesday, April 1, 2008


On the list of All Things that Annoy Me, what must surely hold a position in the top three is lateness, either in myself or others. So, I sit here writing this on the floor of the hall outside a classroom, having waited 20 minutes now to collect some materials from a higher-upper. Why, exactly, he isn't here yet is unknown, but with each passing minute I am growing increasingly more frustrated.

I suppose there may be a valid reason for the lateness, but it is still particularly uncomfortable having to wait in this dimly lit hallway, with the prospect of free food just outside my grasp in another building. And I think we all know the way free food calls to the college student.

Well, 22 minutes now, and no signs of life. They will find my skeleton in this position in a few years, still waiting ever so patiently for this guy to show up, even as my hunger eats away at me from the inside out. And my dusty laptop still atop my legs, my e-mail program up in anticipation of a reason, or a hope.


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