Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Winter break in review

Behold the Corona snowman! Found only in the sweetest of pubs in Taiwan, I suppose. This was at Saints & Sinners, during a Christmas dinner Mark and I had courtesy of my aunt. Thanks 大姨!!

One of many animals pasted on the walls of the Taipei Zoo MRT. He just makes you want to say, "Hyuk!" for him.

The only real hiking we got to do over break was to 象山 again. It was another grey, cloudy day, which made for good hiking. Unfortunately, there was a dearth of wildlife that day. Gone were the giant snails and even stray cats I remember from over the summer.

My second uncle enjoying his dinner with a glass of whiskey. He's a great guy, really hilarious when he starts to drink. He says some pretty ridiculous stuff. Here's to your health and long life, uncle! Cheers.

Happy 2008.

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