Saturday, December 8, 2007


I've long been steadfastly against the use of any internetspeak in my online correspondences. I may have dropped an "lol" once or twice when I first started using instant messengers, but that has all fazed out. I think it's a travesty that so many people use internetspeak, and especially younger generations that are growing up on mySpace and AIM. I've already made it clear to my younger brother that he needs to write his words out completely if he's going to be e-mailing and IMing me.

"Inside jokes" of the internet are interesting, though. The LOLcats phenomenon was something I hadn't even really encountered until recently, but a friend of mine just sent me a link to a new one: LOLscience.

I have to admit, they are pretty amusing, if only at first. The extreme mutation of words and grammar gets a little tiring after awhile, though. And so far, I haven't actually laughed out loud from any of them.

But the top 100 4chan pictures? Yeah, I lol'ed on a lot of those. Or more like sol'ed...snorted out loud.

With that, here is physics cat:

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