Sunday, September 30, 2007


I can feel it happening. I am hurtling downward on the social, outgoing curve, crashing after a period of riding high on it. I am tired of seeing people, and I've been in my room all day, dreading having to confront all of my residents at our weekly floor meeting. I had a birthday to plan along with the meeting as well. People have been knocking on my door all day, needing everything from a phone number to a knife to balloons to inflate for the party.

I am drained. I want to hide in my room so that I don't have to deal with anyone, and I want to escape it so that I don't have to answer the door every time someone knocks.

I've also only had one quasi-meal of clam chowder, because I haven't wanted to leave the dorm.

I do enjoy being with freshmen, but as a senior I have a lot lower tolerance for them as well. After the party/meeting, the guys started popping every single balloon we had, deafening my ears and gutting my patience. I think the last guy could feel that, because he stopped.

I just want to curl up in bed. I really can't deal with people, sometimes.

[p.s. In looking through the list of phobias, I came across Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, which is the fear of the number 666. What?]

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