Friday, September 14, 2007

Chapter 236: In which I save a squirrel

When I walked out of my dorm this frigid morning to get breakfast, I was startled by what seemed to be a moving bag of garbage. A nearby crow was similarly intrigued and was hopping around it, but flew off as I got closer. Inside the translucent bag, half filled with leftovers and cartons, was a full grown gray squirrel. It was dashing madly from corner to corner of the bag, obviously trying to escape. I can only assume it either crawled into an opening in the bag and couldn't find it again, or otherwise was inside when the bag was tied, which seems less likely. Anyway, I bent down and tore a hole in the bag opposite to the side the squirrel was in, then went around to its side and prodded it. It ran to the other side and out the hole, sprinting away.

Then, after I'd eaten and was walking back to my dorm, I saw a squirrel again tearing at a new bag of garbage that had been left outside. It was making good work, ripping at some paper packaging, this time from the outside of the bag. It was rather clownish looking, and I wondered if it was the same squirrel.

Campus squirrels really are something else.

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Mark said...

Do you have raccoons there?