Thursday, July 19, 2007

A grade giddiness

I'm back from Thailand, Land of Smiles.

Miss me?

Well, I am currently debating on whether or not to indulge by turning on the precious aircon as I catch up on emails and IMs, and go through my photos from the past 5 days. I will post more indepth on the trip once I've finished sorting those and uploaded them to picasa. But, suffice to say, it was your classic Chinese tour package (which, I guess, you can only understand if you are Chinese, and have been on said classic tour packages before). Highlights include an elephant ride, a beautiful beach-filled day, and ladyboys. Whoo!

Hot, hot, hot. Sometimes I wish air conditioning didn't exist. Is that weird?

Final note of nonsense: I just checked on my YesAsia preorder of Harry Potter, and felt my heart pitterpatter and surge as the order status changed before my refresh button from "Pre-order" to "Ready to be Shipped." Oh, joy of joys.

Too bad it's getting shipped to my aunt's house...

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